MOLA BAGS & Accessories are unique leather bags and articles with a hand made textile Art Decoration known as MOLA made by the women from the Kuna Indigenous tribe located in Panama and Colombia. 

Our collection has a wide range of leather articles with this beautiful ethnic textile Art. Every Mola accessory has a different textile Mola design which makes every item really UNIQUE and original. 

Unique Products

Leather articles, such as bags, wallets, belts and other accessories are available on the market at countless numbers, forms, shapes and sizes. However, Mola Bags can offer so much more than just high quality of the product – we combine it with handmade, unique textile decorations of Mola.

These decorations represent souls of Indian Kuna women, which have been using this traditional art for centuries to express feelings and emotions. This is a marvelous handicraft, full of live, originality in motives, shapes and colors, each of it – one of a kind! Promotion of Kuna culture allows also maintain their unique world in its current shape.


TAKE part of the history, culture and tradition of colombia!

Handmade in Colombia

Our products are made in Bogotá, Colombia with high quality colombian leather by a small family company. Molas are fair traded directly with the Kuna Community, taking into account that Molas are one of their most important source of income. 

Every bag and article represent an integral work between the Kuna Community and our colombian artisans who maintain alive our culture and tradition playing an important rol in colombian's economy. By purchasing our products, you support and promote directly our Indigenous Communities and the small craftsmanship´s enterprises.



Visit our Markets!

Located in Hamburg, Germany, Mola Bags & Accessories aim to promote high quality arts & crafts products from Colombia in Europe.

Our Mision is to introduce in the european market the artistic beauty and richness of this beautiful articles so they become part of your everyday life, carrying always the uniqueness and exotic ethnic Colombian-Panamaniam culture!

We have presence in different Arts & Crafts Markets. Don't miss any of our exhibitions at the Markets, it's a great opportunity to see, try and feel in real life these wonderful products!

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We want to show the World the creativity and beauty of our country through this marvelous handicrafts made by our Indigenous Communities that keep alive our tradition, culture and identity. Here you can find all information about our products and purchase them directly.

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