Leather cross-body Bag – Blue Stripes


Beautiful leather cross-body Bag with unique handmade Textile Mola Decoration on the front side.

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Leather cross-body bag with unique handmade Textile Mola Decoration on the front side.

This beautiful leather cross-body bag has a main compartment with a  small inside pocket, an extra pocket available through a magnetic closure. It has as well an external pocket with a zipper closure on the back side. With an adjustable handle, the bag can be carried as well on the shoulder.  This is a perfect bag for casual and informal occasions. Everyone will be enchanted with colors and shapes!

Dimensions: Lenght:22cms. Height:23cms. Width:2,5cms.

Materials: High-Quality Rind leather, Mola-Dekor from Cotton, Inside Lining from Polyester.

Process:  Molas are handmade usually done in reverse appliqué technique, using two or more layers of cloth and cutting through to reveal the color underneath.

MOLA BAGS are unique leather bags and articles with handmade textile art decoration called MOLA made by Indians Kuna from Panama and Colombia. We have a wide range of leather products with this beautiful ethnic textile art. Every Mola bag has a different textile which makes every product UNIQUE and original. We want to show the World the creativity and beauty of our country through these marvelous handicrafts made by our Indigenous Communities that keep alive our tradition, culture, and identity. This is a marvelous handicraft, full of life, originality in motives, shapes and colors, each of it – ONE OF A KIND! 
There is only ONE exemplary of this beautiful bag! Everyone will be charmed with the colors and shapes!

Become a carrier of Art full of great historic and cultural value from Latin America!

For more details or pictures or any questions, please write to info@molabags.com



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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm


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