Product care

How to protect and care for your Mola Bag

Our bags and accessories are made with top Quality colombian leather and iron-metal details to assure you a long lasting product without any special care. Clean the leather part of your bag with a dry soft cloth, do not use a watery or wet cloth, this could harm the leather drying it out and creating fissures on the surface. If there are stains on the leather choose wisely a solvent or spray leather protector for your bag. Leather protectors that are usually very cheap are simply oil-based or wax coating sprays that could harm your leather bag over time. Ask the experts on leather care for a deep leather cleaning.

The Mola textile on your bag or accessory can be clean softly with a slightly wet cloth (only water) making soft pressures on the textile. Do NOT knead, scrape or tear the Mola textile between the stitches. This action could harm the fabrics and unravel the union of the stitches. In case you have some doubts or questions about how to clean your bag please let me know through an e-mail to

Enjoy your Mola Bag or accessory for many years keeping it clean and healthy!

The Mola Bags Team